Which Finance Twitter Accounts Should You Follow?

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Ever since Twitter was first established back in 2006, things have started to change when it comes to people using their freedom of speech. The Twitter setup is simple—you can write anything that’s on your mind, as long it is not longer than 280 characters. At first, people were using Twitter to share recipes or say hi to their favorite celebrities, hoping they would respond. However, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey had a bit of a different idea.

Namely, the successful tech entrepreneur had a simple goal to connect people across the globe, one tweet at a time. Back then, Twitter was a part of the big three, along with Facebook and MySpace. These social media platforms were only starting what will later become the most successful and the most influential journey known to mankind. And although MySpace has eventually fallen out from that path, Twitter still remains one of the longest-lasting tech companies to date.

Just the Nuggets

  • Twitter is one of the most visited platforms for sharing the latest news and occurrences in the world of finance.
  • With its approachability and its presence in the online world, Twitter is now the number one tool for influential figures in the world of online investing.
  • From financial moguls to journalists and founders of hedge fund companies, everyone is using Twitter to share their knowledge and experience with their followers from around the globe.

The Astounding Popularity of Twitter

How did Twitter become so important in everyday life? 

The first thing that comes to mind is its simplicity. Twitter supports only the thoughts expressed in a form of a written word.

Did you know that Twitter was the first social media platform that supported the now-infamous hashtags?

That’s right! It is evident that Twitter was always ahead of its time, creating trends each step of the way. As a result, the company now has over 320 million daily users

It is no surprise that Twitter is now used for advertising purposes, sharing political views, and even finding the necessary financial advice. Twitter has become quite a beneficial platform for sharing financial views and stands, as well as a way to spread and learn about the latest news and events that are important for the economy. Twitter requires you to speak (or rather, write) in a clear and concise manner, so that everyone can understand you no matter their origin or educational background. In addition, Twitter can also help you connect with influential personalities in this area, who will gladly share their financial wisdom and knowledge with the general public. You name it—Twitter has it.

Here are some of the most popular Finance Twitter accounts everyone is talking about.

1. John Hempton (@John_Hempton)

Never get so attached to a poem You forget the truth that lacks lyricism.

John Hempton is probably the most influential person on Finance Twitter today. And no, he is not the president or even the Fed chairman. Rather, he is an investor born and raised in Australia, who even worked for the Australian Treasury during the 90s. Now, he has set sail on the most exciting and challenging path today—to become a standalone financial guru. He is also the founder and the Chief Investment Officer of Bronte Capital, one of the most successful names in the world of hedge funds.

He specializes in tax policies and was one of the youngest partners in the history of Platinum Asset Management. After retiring at the young age of 39, Hempton was forced to create Bronte Capital after his wife jokingly threatened to divorce him if he didn’t leave the house. Luckily for the clients across the globe, Hempton is now the head of the company that manages over $100 million for many influential people across the globe, including the former Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Turnbull.

So, what has attracted over 47K followers to Hempton’s account? 

Based on his tweets, it is evident that he is not shy to point out, often sarcastically, how people are trying to scam their way into the minds (and wallets) of less successful or beginner investors. He does not hesitate to say it like it is, not even when it consists of calling out other successful people and companies in his own circle.

2. Marc Cohodes (@AlderLaneeggs)

No Greater Motivator Than Disrespect. All my Sports & Battle references are metaphors for my struggle against dishonesty in markets.

In the world of online investing and finance, the name Marc Cohodes sends shivers down the spines of fraudulent companies. This is a good thing since this successful investor from California is ruthless when it comes to uncovering scamming and harmful activities within the financial landscape. Cohodes is so successful at what he does, that his legendary campaign against the US mortgage lender NovaStar is being studied at the Harvard Business School.

Cohodes started his successful career in finance as a CEO of the hedge fund Copper River Partners. He invests his own money and teaches others how to do so, especially during the pandemic. His controversial views on the investing opportunities during the COVID-19 global crisis has attracted over 36K loyal followers on his Twitter account. 

Nevertheless, his tweets are so influential that they are able to send the stocks of the companies he mentions soaring, or rather diving to their lowest, depending on the side he takes in the matter. Cohodes is outspoken and honest, which is definitely a winning combination.

3. Muddy Waters Research (@muddywatersre)

Activist short seller, sceptic, First Amendment advocate

Muddy Waters Research is the official Twitter handle for the company and its CEO Carson Block—a successful short-seller and investor, who founded the company back in 2010. Since its humble beginnings, Muddy Waters Research has become the number one investment firm dealing with investigative research of public companies. 

Maybe the most prominent and admirable work of the company was their exposure to the Canadian-listed Chinese company Sino-Forest Corp. After Muddy Waters Research proved the company’s fraudulent activities, Sino-Forest Corp stocks have initially dropped by over 70%, and the company eventually filed for bankruptcy the same year.

Whether this is about Block’s keen eye and perfect instincts or simply a result of careful and detailed research, Muddy Waters Research is one of the most successful companies in the field of investment and finance. Block has become a guru for investors around the globe, with over 170K followers on Twitter. What can you find on his page?

Block’s accusations are harsh and tough to swallow sometimes, but they have also been proven accurate time and time again in the past. Block is not afraid to take charge and point his finger at the reckless companies on the market, which is why his followers from all over the globe are putting their trust in Muddy Waters Research.

4. Herb Greenberg (@herbgreenberg)

Pacific Square Research, CNBC contributor, hype-buster, as right and wrong as the next guy, creator/proprietor of the ORIGINAL Hostile React-o-Meter.

The most prominent financiers come from the most unlikely circles, and Herb Greenberg is the latest example. Greenberg is an American journalist who founded the Pacific Square Research investment company back in 2014. He is still a contributor for CNBC and one of the most influential people on Finance Twitter.

With a unique combination of direct and in-depth analysis and investigative skills, Pacific Square Research is one of the best-known names and most successful ones in the field of investment research in the US. On Twitter and other social media platforms, Greenberg is one of the few outspoken and direct financial experts who are telling it like it is. It seems to be working—Greenberg shares his words of wisdom with over 380K followers.

5. Citron Research (@CitronResearch)

Citron Research is one of the longest-running online commentary websites in the field of investing and finance. For over 17 years, the company brings the latest (and the most honest) insights into the latest innovations from the world of finance. Citron Research is a company dedicated to detecting fraud and other harmful activities that tend to damage the investing landscape and all its participants. As of late, the company has also created a successful streak of informing people across the globe about the latest occurrences on the market—180K of them, to be exact.

Closing Notes

Twitter has become one of the most important social media platforms today in many fields, but especially finance. With its brief and direct approach, Twitter is now one of the most used platforms for sharing investing advice, experiences, and important information crucial for financial success.

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