How to Choose a Financial Advisor

How do you know if you need a financial advisor? In today’s unpredictable world of finance and investing, everyone could use a helpful guide to handle the changes and implement their own skills and knowledge to create a solid and stable financial plan for the future.  Have you ever wondered if you should find a…Continue readingHow to Choose a Financial Advisor

Everything You Need to Know About Certificates of Deposit

Certificates of deposit (CDs) are one of the most common financial instruments sold by banks and credit unions. They are different from savings accounts mainly because they have a specific fixed term during which they mature. They are determined by a fixed interest rate during that entire period. When the maturity is reached, the certificates…Continue readingEverything You Need to Know About Certificates of Deposit

Checking vs. Savings Account: Which One Do You Need?

When it comes to choosing between a checking account and a savings account, there’s always a question of “Why?” or “Do you need one or both?”. The answer is both. Each serves a different purpose and can help you manage your funds effectively.  Just the Nuggets While a checking account helps you manage your everyday…Continue readingChecking vs. Savings Account: Which One Do You Need?

How a Credit Card Can Unlock Financial Superpowers

Responsible use of a credit card allows its holder to retain cash while receiving cashbacks, rewards, and attractive discounts through purchases. A credit card can also serve as an emergency line of credit while providing increased security from fraud. A disciplined credit card holder can shop with it as desired while reaping all its benefits,…Continue readingHow a Credit Card Can Unlock Financial Superpowers

Top 30 Stock Investment Courses and Playlists on YouTube

When you talk about YouTube, the first thing that would probably come to your mind is free entertainment videos. But what’s really underrated is what a great learning platform YouTube can be! If you want to learn about stock investing, YouTube has abundant courses at just the tip of your hands. Here are the top…Continue readingTop 30 Stock Investment Courses and Playlists on YouTube

Inspiring TED Talks About Finance

In a world of fast-paced changes and innovations on each corner, there isn’t a lot of time or space to take your time and get acquainted with everything that might interest you. While there are many useful things to pay attention to in today’s world of finance, this is definitely an area to follow. Namely,…Continue readingInspiring TED Talks About Finance

How to Read Stock Charts

Whether you’re a newbie investor/trader or somebody who has been doing stock investments for a while, you can never go wrong with equipping yourself with the right tools to be successful in the trade. One is the ability to understand and read stock charts. Just the Nuggets Stock charts are important tools for you to…Continue readingHow to Read Stock Charts

Which Finance Twitter Accounts Should You Follow?

Ever since Twitter was first established back in 2006, things have started to change when it comes to people using their freedom of speech. The Twitter setup is simple—you can write anything that’s on your mind, as long it is not longer than 280 characters. At first, people were using Twitter to share recipes or…Continue readingWhich Finance Twitter Accounts Should You Follow?

5 Must-Follow Podcasts on Investing

Thanks to the introduction of Amazon’s Alexa and the social distancing measures keeping everyone confined in their homes, people are forced to adjust to the new reality. Still, given that people are creatures of habit, they are in need to connect with others and keep updated with everything that happens around them. Fortunately, the age…Continue reading5 Must-Follow Podcasts on Investing

Everything to Know About Private Equity

Private equity is a type of alternative investment, which means it does not fall into the usual categories of financial assets. It is a separate class of financial instruments not listed on the public exchange. So how are private equity investments beneficial for you? Can you diversify your portfolio and improve your finances with this…Continue readingEverything to Know About Private Equity