5 Must-Follow Podcasts on Investing

Thanks to the introduction of Amazon’s Alexa and the social distancing measures keeping everyone confined in their homes, people are forced to adjust to the new reality. Still, given that people are creatures of habit, they are in need to connect with others and keep updated with everything that happens around them. Fortunately, the age…Continue reading5 Must-Follow Podcasts on Investing

Everything to Know About Private Equity

Private equity is a type of alternative investment, which means it does not fall into the usual categories of financial assets. It is a separate class of financial instruments not listed on the public exchange. So how are private equity investments beneficial for you? Can you diversify your portfolio and improve your finances with this…Continue readingEverything to Know About Private Equity

Real Estate vs. Stocks: Which is a Better Investment Choice?

Buying one’s own home is the traditional investment most people are expected to make. But investing in stocks can also build wealth for the savvy investor. Which one is better to choose? Should you even make that choice? To answer this question, both real estate and stock markets need to be understood comprehensively. These markets…Continue readingReal Estate vs. Stocks: Which is a Better Investment Choice?

Mutual Fund vs. Index Fund: Which is a Better Investment Choice?

No matter where you are on your financial journey, choosing between mutual funds and index funds is not so easy. Conceived as multi-asset baskets, both index funds and mutual funds offer a diverse pool of investments that can either be actively or passively managed. Yet, very few people know the differences between them. Given that…Continue readingMutual Fund vs. Index Fund: Which is a Better Investment Choice?

When to Buy Stocks to Get Dividends

Want to see a return on your investment in the near future? Buy dividend stocks for your portfolio, and you’ll soon start receiving cash or additional shares for the stocks you own!  But before picking which stocks to buy and receive dividends from, it is important to know and understand how they work. Just the…Continue readingWhen to Buy Stocks to Get Dividends

Negative Interest Rates Explained

Negative interest rates are one of the key signals of an impending recession. They are typically applied when the monetary policy requires a change within the system in order to push the interest rates to the nominal zero bound. In the past couple of years, the central banks have experimented with negative interest rates in…Continue readingNegative Interest Rates Explained

Options Trading Handbook for Beginners

An option is a financial contract that allows the investor to buy or sell the underlying instrument or asset at a certain price. What does that mean exactly? Well, with options trading, you have the ability to buy or sell any security available on the market of your interest—from stocks to currency pairs. Interesting, right?…Continue readingOptions Trading Handbook for Beginners

The Basics of Real Estate Crowdfunding

How is crowdfunding beneficial? Can you apply it to your everyday business operations? Crowdfunding is a new way of gathering large amounts of money by calling to action a wide group of investors. By investing as little or as much as they wish, the investors can benefit from the same features that stock and other…Continue readingThe Basics of Real Estate Crowdfunding

What is Real Estate Wholesaling?

Handling real estate assets is quite intimidating, mainly because it involves multi-million dollar properties, property taxes, mortgage payments, and whatnots. As a beginner, you might ask where to start. The entry-level learning for beginners in the real estate industry is through real estate wholesaling. Get to know the basics of the wholesaling process and practical…Continue readingWhat is Real Estate Wholesaling?

Powerful Reasons for Investing in Stocks

You might have some savings or come across a windfall then a thought pops up in your head—“I do not have an immediate need for this money. Perhaps I can make this grow. Maybe I can invest it for my retirement or earn something in the future.”  Investing in stocks is one area you can…Continue readingPowerful Reasons for Investing in Stocks