5 Must-Follow Podcasts on Investing

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Thanks to the introduction of Amazon’s Alexa and the social distancing measures keeping everyone confined in their homes, people are forced to adjust to the new reality. Still, given that people are creatures of habit, they are in need to connect with others and keep updated with everything that happens around them. Fortunately, the age of technology and social media has made that possible and easier than ever. From Twitter and Instagram to Netflix and Disney+, there are so many choices today to connect and learn about the latest topics.

Just the Nuggets

  • Investing podcasts are the latest innovation that has found its way into the hearts and ears of listeners across the globe.
  • With the biggest names in the podcast industry, you can listen to the latest advices and guides to your financial freedom and independence on the go on any device.
  • The most successful figures in the financial world have decided to share their knowledge and skills with everyone, by offering a unique insight into the current economic situation and markets.

Stop, Look, and LISTEN

Podcasts have recently become the top-leading source of communication and education about a variety of life activities. From the former First Lady of the United States’ Michelle Obama Podcast to Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert, podcasts are a brand new thing in the world of a thriving technology. 

Podcasts have found their way into the variety of topics that interest people—from politics and culture to education and cooking skills. Lately, especially since the beginning of the global COVID-19 pandemic, investing podcasts have become a necessity for listeners across the globe. Podcasts keep them updated with the latest events and changes regarding global finances while simultaneously keeping them at bay and raising important questions that not everyone is so ready to ask—or to hear, for that matter.

So get your headphones and lay back as you read the list of the most followed investing podcasts today. The choices here are sure to keep you informed and interested in each episode, as well as peak your interests in a way you never thought possible.

1. Listen Money Matters

Listen Money Matters is a top-leading investing podcast based in New York City. With the working title of Not Your Father’s Personal Finance, this show tends to be welcoming and inclusive for everyone who wants to learn about managing their money through investing opportunities. The thing that makes Listen Money Matters stand out in people’s eyes is the fact that this podcast is a perfect place for those who want an easy and laid-back approach, instead of being fed with big words and impossible requirements. Here, everyone can learn how to financially thrive and keep their investing lives interesting.

This podcast is available twice a month on both Apple and Spotify. The topics are various and unexpected—from the Golden Butterfly Effect to socially responsible investing. The guys behind this podcast are straight to the point and an open book. They take an honest and direct approach to all things related to the world of finance, especially the ones you were too afraid to ask.

Listen Money Matters is particularly popular with the younger crowd. Young people who are just getting out of college and are eager to start making money on their own are finding the podcast particularly warm and useful at the same time. This podcast definitely has got the formula just right, with the perfect combination of being approachable, honest, and filled with fresh ideas.

You can listen to the episodes every two weeks or on-demand. Use the 42-minute episodes wisely, and take charge of your financial journey.

2. Money For the Rest of Us

Money For the Rest of Us is one of the longest-standing podcasts in the online world of finance. It is brought to you by J. David Stein, who is a former Chief Investment Strategist and financial manager with over two decades of experience. Now, he has decided to share his rich knowledge and success with everyone around the globe who wish to up their investing game and enrich their personal finance. So far, this podcast has released over 300 episodes which have over 14 million downloads across all platforms, including Apple, Spotify, and Amazon.

What is the secret to Money For the Rest of Us’ success? Well, it couldn’t hurt that it is hosted by one of the most successful financial managers today. But that is not even the half of it. Namely, this podcast has quite a unique approach to how you can handle your money and your investment abilities. It acknowledges the many different features and factors contributing to your investing journeys, and it shows you how to use them to your advantage.

This podcast has quite a lot of positive reviews across the globe from the variety of listeners—from the well-established investors who are looking to update their knowledge to the fresh crowd of eager traders just getting in on the action.

You can catch up with the new episodes once a week, each Wednesday at 12 PM EST.


With the working title of Rigged [Against You], this podcast is centered around bringing you up to speed with all the lesser-known and mysterious facts surrounding your everyday investing experience. RIGGED is a podcast created during the peak of the COVID-19 global wave to help you combat the difficulties surrounding the new reality amid the pandemic. This podcast aims to keep you updated with all the latest factors that can affect your investments, as well as other areas of your life—from your family to your financial future.

This podcast was created by Terry Sacka, Chief Strategist and Analyst for Cornerstone Asset Metals—one of the leading platforms in the US for buying gold and other precious metals. It covers a variety of topics—from your savings and retirement plans to the latest updates about the stock market.

While the majority of listeners find the podcast a direct approach to the financial topics, some suggest that the episodes should be a lot longer than the current 13 minutes. Nevertheless, you can catch the new episodes once a week on Apple, Google, and Spotify.

4. The Dave Ramsey Show

The Dave Ramsey Show is one of the most downloaded investing podcasts to date. It was launched back in 2017 and is hosted by one of the most bellowed radio hosts in America. 

This podcast is different from any other on this list for one important reason. Here, Ramsey takes calls from the listeners and answers their questions regarding a variety of financial topics. Each podcast episode is 3 hours long and covers terms and sections such as debt, savings, insurance, taxes, and many more.

This podcast is quite popular among listeners across the globe, not only in the US. Combining the direct and friendly approach with the wide knowledge of investing, The Dave Ramsey Show continues to break records in the podcast industry. Lately, the show has been introducing other personalities as co-hosts, which made some of the trusted listeners hesitant to continue following. Still, this podcast is considered one of the most detailed ones in the area of finance and investing.

You can listen to a new episode each day on Apple, Google, Spotify, and YouTube.

5. Afford Anything

Who wouldn’t want to be an influencer? The newly-created term of an influencer has become one of the most popular occupations in the past couple of years. With the accessibility of social media, influencers are taking their entire businesses and putting them on the platform for everyone to see and join in. Influencers are able to work from wherever they are—spreading their messages to a wide group of loyal followers.

Afford Anything is the latest podcast that tries something different. The creators aim to bring you the opportunity to use your investment skills and break out of the 9-to-5 pattern that is a burden to a lot of us. As a result, Afford Anything teaches you financial freedom and stability, as well as independence in the early years of your life. This podcast is quite popular among the listeners who wish to take their investing to a next level and establish themselves as independent financial moguls.

This podcast has found its trusted crowd of listeners, thanks to their unique way of thinking and presenting. Simple language and innovative trading strategies are two things that make this podcast one of the most listened to in the past couple of years. You can catch the latest episodes each week on Apple and Google Podcasts.

Closing Notes

Investing podcasts are becoming a number one source of information on all things related to the world of finance. With today’s accessibility the Internet landscape is providing, it is only a matter of time when podcasts would become the next communication channel to use every day. While podcasts are used to mainly cover the topics of politics or pop culture, they are also finding their way into other areas of life such as finance, investing, and the global economy.

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