5 Types of Insurance and Why You Need to Get Them

Insurance has become a necessity in the past couple of years. From our natural tendency towards living dangerously to the latest global health crisis—people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds are starting to realize that having some type of insurance might be a smart idea in the long run. This does not only apply to…Continue reading5 Types of Insurance and Why You Need to Get Them

11 Types of Life Insurance Policies

Not that we need constant reminding, but the ugly truth is—death is inevitable. Have you asked yourself how your family would move forward after your death? Maybe not so much for the carefree young adults. But for parents and breadwinners, it’s one of their unspoken worries. In financial planning basics, getting life insurance is the…Continue reading11 Types of Life Insurance Policies

Introduction to Insurance

Uncertainties and unfortunate events are just around the corner. Rather than get blindsided by the circumstances, it’s wise to be proactive by getting an insurance plan. What is insurance? To put it simply, insurance is a risk management tool that protects you from financial loss. But what is it really for and how does insurance…Continue readingIntroduction to Insurance

13 Basic Steps to Successful Financial Planning

Financial planning is a broad term touching all areas and stages of your personal life as long as money is involved—from your needs to your wants. This includes different aspects such as accumulating income streams, budgeting, debt management, savings, insurance, retirement planning, investments, and estate planning and distribution. Hiring a financial planner is convenient but…Continue reading13 Basic Steps to Successful Financial Planning