Things You Need to Know About IPOs

You’ve probably heard of IPOs and the buzz about their great money-making potential. Being the first in on something new is always exciting, and the probability of huge wins is enticing. But what exactly is an IPO? Is it for you?  An Initial Public Offering (IPO) is when a company transitions its business model from…Continue readingThings You Need to Know About IPOs

Enter the Stock Market with Confidence – Without a Broker

Find yourself with a bit of extra cash? You could splurge on something you’ve been eyeing up, stuff it in savings accounts for a rainy day, or you could invest it! The thought of your little nest egg growing to cover far more than a rainy day is very appealing. But does that mean you…Continue readingEnter the Stock Market with Confidence – Without a Broker

Understanding Asset Classes

Becoming financially independent is a goal of many, but taking the steps to reach it is a whole different story. One way for you to fulfill this is through investing. Investments are assets you acquire or buy with the intent of generating income from it in the future. The best thing is that there are…Continue readingUnderstanding Asset Classes

The Difference Between Trading and Investing

Some assets—stuff you own that generates income—are better vehicles for investing; others fare better in trading, while a few can both be traded and invested at the same time. Investing and trading are closely related terms. Knowing the difference is key to positioning yourself to a better advantage. Just the Nuggets Investing is putting something…Continue readingThe Difference Between Trading and Investing

How to Find Undervalued Stocks

If you are looking for undervalued stocks in the stock market, then you must be a bargain hunter. But unlike being in a typical market, haggling won’t work with undervalued stocks because these are time-limited offers unknown to almost everyone. In the stock market, you need an investing strategy used by intelligent investors like Warren…Continue readingHow to Find Undervalued Stocks

How Much Money to Invest in Stocks

This is a question most revisited by aspiring investors like you. From the get-go, you should know that as long as you have spare change, it is possible to start investing in stocks. Thanks to online stockbrokers, low-to-middle-income earners can now pursue investing through a number of ways which will be explained later. Just the…Continue readingHow Much Money to Invest in Stocks